Boston Magazine and Vanyaland announce partnership


Today we are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Boston Magazine, an alliance built around content and events that strengthens our website, radio station, and brand even further. Readers can get select coverage and content cross-promoted on bostonmagazine.com‘s A&E channel, and the two media companies are set to work together to provide some of the coolest events and parties this city has ever seen.

Boston Magazine’s distinction is known to all in New England,” says Vanyaland CEO and co-founder Paul Armstrong. “Partnering with a brand who share our own company values of quality first, second, and third is incredibly exciting. Their belief in what we’re doing, combined with their additional reach, will allow us to increase our coverage of the stories and talent that shape the music scene in Boston, and beyond.”

Adds editor and co-founder Michael Marotta: “This partnership with Boston Magazine furthers Vanyaland’s growing role as a definitive source of both local and national music news, reflecting the scene here in town and what’s on the happening around the world. This new alliance gives Vanyaland an augmented voice and allows us to remain on the cutting edge of new music.”


Here’s the good word from our friends at BoMag:

Boston Magazine Launches Partnership with Vanyaland
City’s best magazine teams up with city’s award-winning music website. Hijinks to ensue.

So here’s an awesome thing that’s happening.


Today, Boston magazine and Vanyaland.com are excited to announce a new partnership that will see the best of Vanyaland’s award-winning music coverage appear daily on BostonMagazine.com.

Vanyaland, the Boston-based music website, online radio station, and lifestyle brand, was co-founded two years ago by former Boston Phoenix music editor Michael Marotta and Paul Armstrong, a radio and digital vet from across the pond who previously worked with the Phoenix and WFNX. Since the Phoenix’s demise, Vanyaland has become the city’s go-to source for coverage of Boston’s legendary music scene—breaking news, premiering new songs and videos, getting the word out about upcoming gigs, and publishing smart, creative takes on the Boston artists who matter, whether they’re superstars or upstarts. Perhaps just as importantly, it’s doing all of that with an attitude you won’t find anywhere else.

“Since the Phoenix died, Michael and Vanyaland have been carrying the torch for Boston’s music scene,” says Boston magazine editor in chief Carly Carioli. “And this is a great match for our audience. We know our readers are pop-culture savvy, and they’re hungry for smart, sharp commentary. This is a city where we argue about music almost as much as we argue about sports, and nobody is driving the conversation right now the way Vanyaland is.”

Vanyaland’s coverage will appear as part of the Arts & Entertainment channel on BostonMagazine.com. As part of the deal, Boston and Vanya will also team up on events and projects you’ll hear about soon.


Game on, New England.