Coming Up: Merchandise and Dum Dum Girls collaborate on new single ‘Red Sun’


When this weird-ass decade is all said and done, two releases from 2012 will be near the top of the list for Best Song and Best EP: Merchandise’s “Become What You Are” and Dum Dum Girls’ End Of Daze, respectively.

So imagine our joy this morning when we see the two bands have collaborated for a new one-off 7-inch for SubPop, “Red Sun”/”Echo.”

The a-side finds 4AD group Merchandise and Sub Pop’s Dum Dum Girls in rather new electronic territory, throbbing along in sleek, sinister fashion as Dee Dee and Carson Cox trade off vocals. The release drops Friday, November 27 via Sub Pop, and is available for preorder through Sub Pop Mega Mart, iTunes, and Amazon.


Some background on the collab:

“Red Sun” and “Echo” were both written after midnight. “Red Sun” is the story of love, power, and weakness. A 3 minute narrative about the mystery of human attraction and its hold on the psyche. “Red Sun,” played by Dee Dee, is half siren and half desert wanderer. She’s the temptress and the God of War in the body of girl who can make all men her victim. “Echo” takes place in the streets of Berlin. In “Echo” our narrator is lost in the madness of regret and lost love. In the warm streets of summer he’s frozen by his thoughts as if it were winter already. This new single was conceived Tampa, FL and recorded in Berlin and between Tampa, Berlin and NYC during the summer of 2015.

Finally, Tampa and Berlin find some common ground. Listen to “Red Sun” below…