Watch a dude stage dive at a rockabilly show and hit nothing but the floor


By now it’s a bit of a Hollywood cliché: Guy is feeling the fuck out of his own personal concert experience, climbs up on stage, and dives into the crowd. It ends one of two ways: Either the crowd acts a pillow, catches the ambitious fella and raises him up, giving him a euphoric moment fit for the rolling of the credits, or the folks in the crowd quickly part like the Red Sea and the diver crashes hard onto an unforgiving floor waiting below.

It was a bit of the latter recently at the third annual New England Shake-Up in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. During a performance by Boston’s Jittery Jack, led by former T.T. The Bear’s Place manager Kevin Patey, one bloke decided to add a bit of punk into the scene. In the video below, around the :38 second mark, he gets up on stage and tumbles out into the crowd. It doesn’t a seem to end well.

“The worst part about this was when the kid dove into the crowd, everyone parted and I swear I heard his impact into the floor,” Patey writes on Facebook.


That inevitable impact isn’t shown in the video, and a few seconds later, we think we can see him get up and run it off.

So this story, at least, has a happy ending. Roll credits.