CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry brilliantly responds to mid-show marriage proposal: ‘I don’t want that shit’


Note to male concertgoers: Do not ask Lauren Mayberry to marry you. It’s bad form, and you will get called out on it.

At a recent CHVRCHES show this week as the band tours North America in support of new LP Every Open Eye, one fan shouted out a marriage proposal towards the singer. Mayberry, who has been a brilliant and outspoken critic of misogyny in music and sexist online trolling, was having none of it.

The man yelled out “marry me!” during a break between songs. Here’s Mayberry response:


“Oh, come on — what’s the hit rate on that?” she asked. “When you go to public places and ask women you don’t know if they want to wed you. Does that work out well for you, sir? Also, I assume that because you’re here, that you know about our band? I’m very grumpy, and I don’t want that shit.”

She adds: “Thank you everybody else, sorry for shaming that one person but if nobody tells you, then you’re never going to know. Luckily for me right now, I have a microphone and you don’t so it works in my favour at this particular juncture”.

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As the NME notes, Mayberry then flipped off another male fan who asked why she was so grumpy. Watch the bullshit in the video below; CHVRCHES next live date is a two-night swing at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. Gents, leave the marriage proposals at home.