Trapped Under Bud Ice: Metallica and Budweiser team up, because Nothing Ales Matters

It’s Sad But Brew: Metallica now has their own line of Budweiser cases, for all the Gods that Ale’d.

Reports are circulating today that the metal titans have teamed with Anheuser-Busch for a limited-edition case of Bud. It’s perfect for your BFFs Kirk Slammit and Jason Brewsted.

The Metallica designs will hit shelves up in Eastern Canada starting September 28, and while there are no plans to bring its Creeping Breath down to the States, surely wherever you may roam will lead you to wherever you may foam.

Call the Pour Horsemen and read more from more from Ultimate Classic Rock:

Sadly for the Bud-loving Metallica faithful in other parts of the world, this promotion appears to be limited to the Quebec area — it’s taking place to help commemorate the band’s Sept. 14 and 16 shows in the city, which close out the local Colisée Pepsi venue and usher in the new Centre Vidéotron. A rep for the Labatt Brewing Company, which brews Budweiser in Canada, shared the company’s excitement in a prepared statement, saying, “We are very pleased that the guys in Metallica are participating in this unique partnership that marks the history of the Centre Vidéotron.”

As Metallica fans may recall, this isn’t the band’s first recent brush with branded alcohol. Last year, drummer Lars Ulrich helped promote brews from Carlsberg and Gammel Dansk, and the band’s official store features a Metal Up Your Ass Koozie for keeping your brew cool.

The band’s Budweiser venture puts them among a fairly elite list of rock acts that have dabbled to some extent in brewing, from Kiss‘ Destroyer beer to Queen‘s Bohemian Lager and AC/DC‘s officially branded beer. Still, the granddaddy of them all is Iron Maiden‘s Trooper beer, which recently celebrated the sale of more than 10 million pints.

Shout out to music writer Annie Zaleski for helping us get drunk on puns today.