Darker Stars: Suede release ominous teaser trailer for upcoming new album

We still haven’t truly gotten over the brilliance of Suede’s 2013 comeback album, Bloodsports. For many longtime fans, it was the record we’d been waiting for ever since Head Music came out, a perfect balance of the darker, orchestral sounds of 1994 classic Dog Man Star and the pop optimism of glossy ’96 follow-up Coming Up. The confident, sharp Bloodsports not only made 2002 misfire A New Morning irrelevant to the British band’s impressive catalogue, but it set Brett Anderson and the boys back on course as one of the UK’s greatest all-time rock acts.

With all that in mind, it’s anyone’s guess what territory the new Suede album, the band’s seventh, will venture towards. This morning, we received a small clue, as a 21-second teaser video with some ominous sounds has surfaced — is that “The Elephant Man” re-awakening? — suggesting that new music isn’t far off on the horizon.

It’ll be hard for Suede to top the seasoned majesty of Bloodsports, an album that aligned the band’s maturity with that of their fans in a way that is hard to articulate, but we can’t wait to find out if they can.

More info as it comes; in the meantime, watch the teaser video over and over below.