Jesus of Absurdia: Billie Joe Armstrong blasts MTV’s VMAs for ignoring ‘young rock n roll’ bands

When Fall Out Boy won a Video Music Award for Rock Video Of The Year during Sunday’s “pre-show,” many took to Twitter to joke that MTV got the rock portion of the program out of the way before the real event even started. Once the VMAs got rolling, you were hard-pressed to even find a guitar up there on the Microsoft Theatre stage, with breakout performer Tori Kelly one of the few saving graces. We even came up with a Straight Edge Drinking Game, where you do a shot every time a guitar was spotted during the broadcast. We went to bed sober.

In the end, it just wasn’t a big night for rock and roll. And that’s kind of expected these days from MTV’s annual pop music shitshow.

But that didn’t stop Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong from voicing his displeasure about the lack of rock. He is not happy about it.

The frontman stormed twitter early Monday morning to remind the world that there are still great young rock and roll bands out there, headlining festivals and dominating social media.

We feel like he could have kept going beyond those two tweets, and we would have loved to hear what new bands he’s excited about. Maybe he’ll chime in with some more thoughts later in the week. Or maybe he’s already moved on, like everyone else.

[h/t WAAF]