Pop Warmth: Embrace the end of summer with Behaviors’ chill new single ‘Don’t Fight It’


We don’t know too much about fresh-faced alt-pop quartet Behaviors, but that’s cool. We do know their members hail from New York and Sydney, that some of them used to create music as Cassette Kids, and that their debut single “Don’t Fight It” is a breezy bit of atmospheric guitar-pop that has us clinging to the final days of summer.

“Don’t Fight It,” which you can listen to below via the Behaviors Soundcloud page, suggests good things are ahead for the band, and the promise should arrive in short order as their debut LP is set for release later this year. The record features production work from songwriter and vocalist Frans Mernick (A$AP Rocky, Mark Ronson, Lykke Li), as well as additional production touches from Benjamin Goldwasser of MGMT.

In the meantime, let’s make the summer days count, and when the season finally rests its lovely head on a pillow of scarves and cardigans, we’ll be sure to not fight it. Because Behaviors will be playing in our heads.