Body Double: Dark electronic duo Glass Teeth return with two menacing new tracks

It’s been a while since we vibed darkly to the evil sounds of Glass Teeth.

The Boston electronic music project led by Xavier Thomas dropped some of our favorite tracks ever a few years ago in “X” and “Dead Dreamer,” a sinister collection of fresh sounds that had it listed in the Boston Phoenix’s “Class of 2012” profile. After that, Glass Teeth added a new member, Joe Reutt, reportedly relocated to California, and fell into relative obscurity.

Now as summer winds down, two new Glass Teeth tracks have surfaced, tagged with a home base of Boston, and they pick up where the early material left off.

“Black Kool-Aid”, which surfaced a few days ago, is a driven, 5 a.m.-techno-bunker banger, while “Open Hearts”, posted late last night, is a more moody, atmospheric track. Listen to both, and pray for more Glass Teeth updates, via Soundcloud below.