Chain of Cool: Watch Sidewalk Driver, Ruby Rose Fox, Jenny Dee, and the Lights Out cover Aretha Franklin


Earlier this week, Ruby Rose Fox made headlines when she wrote a letter back to a show promoter that demanded a little bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Now the Boston singer is channelling the legendary Aretha Franklin in another way, teaming up with members of Sidewalk Driver, Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, and the Lights Out for a collaborative cover of Franklin’s 1967 hit, “Chain Of Fools.”

The supergroup cover, recorded recently at Q Division Studios in Somerville, is to promote all four of the groups’ August 28 show at the Sinclair in Cambridge, curated by Good & Nice.

We don’t think there are any plans for all of the bands to get on stage together at the end of the night to belt this one out in a show of Boston Music Scene solidarity, but we can’t rule out that possibility, either. Keep them camera phones at the ready.


Check out the cover below, and score advance tickets to the end of summer blowout show by clicking here. Additional details are on the Daykamp Creative flyer down below…

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