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Lights & Music: ILLUMINUS seeking audio/visual artists to illuminate Lansdowne Street


ILLUMINUS is looking to lighten up Lansdowne Street.

The Boston arts festival will kick off HUBweek with a sensory-overload exhibit along Fenway Park’s famous strip, and is currently seeking audio and visual artists to create “an evolving light and sound environment.” The exhibit takes over Lansdowne the weekend starting October 3, as the Red Sox are on the road to conclude the 2015 season, so there won’t be any baseball getting in art’s way

Here’s the word from ILLUMINUS:


ILLUMINUS, Boston’s nighttime contemporary art festival, presents innovative and imaginative art interventions that are site-specific and multi-sensory. Established in the SoWa Arts District, the festival takes over Lansdowne Street the weekend of October 3rd to kickoff HUBweek.

The exterior of Fenway’s “Green Monster” will be transformed into a 3-story percussion instrument, a multidimensional screen for projection, and a canvas for a diverse range of immersive art installations. ILLUMINUS will include performances by musicians working in collaboration with visual artists creating an evolving light and sound environment. Interactive and participatory projects will showcase designers working at the intersection of art and technology.

This is a free event; no ticket or registration is required.


If you’re an artist, designer, technologist or creator, we’re seeking innovative projects that cross disciplinary boundaries and engage a large audience. We accept submissions in any medium, but give special consideration to the following: Light, sound or projection installations; Audio / visual performances; Interactive or participatory projects; Experiential art installations.

The deadline to submit is August 20. Hat tip @BostonTweet.

Here’s ILLUMINUS in action last year: