Listen to Tigers Jaw breathe beautiful new life into the Cure’s ‘In Between Days’

Just last month we were treated to a Yo La Tengo cover of the Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”, a nice reminder that most of Robert Smith’s musical output is undeniably timeless. Now, along comes Tigers Jaw with their take on 1985 single “In Between Days,” and it’s just as great as you expect it to be.

Their Cure cover is part of the Scranton duo’s new split with Kevin Devine, who has been releasing a string of singles, titled Devinyl Splits, as a special-edition project with his friends and other musicians (check Number 1 and Number 2 here). Tigers Jaw’s cover rests on one side of the split, while Devine’s take of “Lovesong,” from the Cure’s 1989 masterpiece LP Disintegration, fills the other. It sounds like a must-have.

While we await Devine’s interpretation of another Cure classic, check out Tigers Jaw’s version of “In Between Days” below, via Stereogum