Fuzzstival Roadmap, Day/Night 3: With 18 bands on tap, Caturday becomes Fuzzday in Cambridge


We usually wake up feeling a bit fuzzy on Caturday, but this morning, on International Cat Day, no less, feels especially hazy.

The hairs on our collective necks are still stretching outward to the moon after watching sets from Secret Lover (who truly sing the songs of our broken-down mobile home of a heart), the towering trio Boom Said Thunder, The Monsieurs’ unstoppable rock tsunami, and others, last night during the frenzied Friday slate of the 2015 Fuzzstival. It served as the midpoint in a three-day noise-down at the Middle East that wraps today with a whopping, come-at-me-bro-anteater-meme-of-a-lineup spotlighting 18 killer bands from here, there, and elsewhere over a 10-hour feel good/sound good summer evening in the People’s Republic.

For today and tonight’s festivities, the Fuzz shifts slightly south to the Middle East’s Downstairs room, and Illegally Blind Productions has set up two stages in the subterranean hall for minimal down time. There’s a lot going on — a day that features guitar-rock bandits Vundabar, Creaturos, and The TeleVibes; Rumble winners Zip-Tie Handcuffs; brash newcomers Midriffs and Black Beach; and psych wonders Quilt and Doug Tuttle is some kinda festival all on its own — so let’s get right to our final audio spotlight (Check Day 1 and Day 2 here).


Tickets are a relative steal at $15, and doors open at the sun-friendly time of 3 p.m. But this is more than a festival. It’s a community showing off some of the best sounds in New England.

On one stage over here…

12:10 a.m.: CREATUROS


11 p.m.: DrugRug

10 p.m.: Quilt


9 p.m.: Doug Tuttle

8 p.m.: Vundabar


7 p.m.: The TeleVibes

6 p.m.: ADVAETA


5 p.m.: Zip-Tie Handcuffs

4 p.m.: Magic Shoppe


And on one stage over there…

11:45 p.m.: NICE GUYS

10:35 p.m.: GYMSHORTS


9:35 p.m.: Atlantic Thrills

8:35 p.m.: Black Beach

7:35 p.m.: earthquake party!


6:35 p.m.: Fleabite

5:35 p.m.: Wakes

4:35 p.m.: Midriffs


3:35 p.m.: Feral Jenny

Fuzzstival flyer by John Magnifico of Boom Said Thunder:

Fuzzstival 2015