Fuzzstival Roadmap, Night 1: Listen to the bands playing with Fuzz tonight in Cambridge

The 2015 Fuzzstival, Boston’s best annual music fest dedicated to homegrown talent, kicks off tonight at the Middle East in Cambridge. On tap for the first of three days/nights in Central Square are eight of the 34 bands slated to perform at this year’s mega-event, including fest godfather’s Ghost Box Orchestra, Mini Dresses, the Migs, and others, all curated by Middle East talent buyer and Illegally Blind Productions founder Jason Trefts.

Back in April, Trefts summed up the goal of the Fuzz-fest nicely: “The goal of Boston Fuzzstival is to highlight the best bands in the region that make psychedelic/fuzz/garage/surf rock and to build bridges within the local music community.”

That sentiment holds true today, just as the ’15 Fuzzstival is set to launch. But with more than 30 bands taking to various stages around the Middle East, the whole thing is difficult to digest in one simple gulp. So we’ve decided to break down each night as a sort of festival roadmap, to help navigate your way around one busy — and noisy — three-day stretch of New England music.

While three-day passes are sold out, single-day tickets are still available. Tonight’s kickoff starts at 6 p.m., it’s an all-ages show, and the door charge is $12. Here’s who’s playing, and at what time:

Midnight: Ghost Box Orchestra

11:15 p.m.: The Migs

10:30 p.m.: Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!

9:45 p.m.: The Mystery Lights

9 p.m.: Herbcraft

8:20 p.m.: Mini Dresses

7:40 p.m.: BONG WISH

7 p.m.: Soft Eyes

Fuzzstival flyer by John Magnifico of Boom Said Thunder:

Fuzzstival 2015