Wake up the cats, the dogs, and the neighbors with the aggro new EP from I Eat Rocks


Any young band looking to make a name for themselves within their local music scene should take a page from the handbook of Providence noise punk act I Eat Rocks.

By pulling a pretty badass stunt earlier this year by paying back a pay-to-play show in pennies, the electrifyingly insane trio garnered the support of musicians such as Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt and many others for taking a stand against a practice that has been plaguing live music. Along with sticking to their guns and not taking any shit, I Eat Rocks also have an infectious sound featuring the fuzzy bass skills from David Rodriguez, rapid fire drumming from Eddie Cote, and angsty distorted vocals from Ben Bigelow.

The band’s debut album Trash Culture, off of the New England-based DIY label Endless Bummer Records, roars with rageful conviction from track to track. Tunes like “Blink 183” mock the current state of pop punk, “Michael Vick” is an absolute stunner with Rodriguez’s bass being the backbone for a powerful track that can break down brick walls and a scorcher in “Bulgaria” are all bound to be a mosh pit kickstarter right when you press play.


Looking to let out your frustrations? Eat some rocks.

I Eat Rocks will be playing at Dusk in Providence on August 19 along with Boston drum & bass act AD.UL.T, fellow Endless Bummer punks Trash Birds (who promise to shed a lot of blood) and ambient new wave act XR Tabs. Should be the perfect way for anyone who likes it loud to spend their Wednesday night.

You can grab a physical copy of Trash Culture at the show, but for now you can listen to the new album from I Eat Rocks below…


I Eat Rocks EP