Premiere: Trophy Lungs announce new LP ‘Day Jobs’ with infectious lead track ‘Bathroom Graffiti’

Pop-punk has always come off as free-wheeling and fun: the sound of reckless youth, good times, and care-free days locked into a permanent adolescence. But the genre is at its best when it faces reality and tackles what life is all about.

Boston trio Trophy Lungs are at a crossroads in life. Today they announce their debut LP Day Jobs, a record that deals with growing responsibility, the transition into the so-called “real world”, and the inevitable loss that comes with it all. The first track off Day Jobs, the infectious “Bathroom Graffiti,” raises a glass to all the friends that aren’t joining them on this voyage into adulthood. For Trophy Lungs, what’s written on the bathroom wall isn’t about calling for a good time — it’s a makeshift memorial for those who aren’t here anymore.

“We really wanted ‘Bathroom Graffiti’ to be the first single off Day Jobs because it hits close to home,” says guitarist/vocalist Kevin Bogart. “We’ve all lost friends and family and it’s even worse when they take their own life. Starting back to when we were kids we always used music as an outlet to deal with the struggles in our lives. If this song can help somebody get through a loss or even prevent one it would be a giant step in the right direction.”

Produced by Jay Maas, the nine-track Day Jobs is out September 18 via Antique Records, and is available for pre-order by clicking here.

To celebrate the record, the past, and the future, Trophy Lungs’ record release party goes down September 13 at Great Scott in Allston, a Ryan The Terrible Presents show with Timeshares, Choke Up, and The New Warden. Stream “Bathroom Graffiti” below via Soundcloud, and check out the Day Jobs album artwork after the jump.

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