Elements Within Her: Here’s the lineup for the all-female Elvis Costello tribute show at Johnny D’s

Calling all Veronicas. Calling all Alisons. Calling all of everyone: A group of Boston musicians are coming together to pay tribute to the legendary Elvis Costello next month, and the lineup is an all-star squad of our city’s music scene.

This Year’s Model, billed as “an all-female birthday tribute to Elvis Costello,” goes down August 25 at Johnny D’s in Davis Square, Somerville, and features eight of the Boston’s music scene’s best singers and songwriters: Jess Collins (The Static Dynamic, Petty Morals), Jen de La Osa (Aloud), Amy Douglas (FEINTS, Sunrise Hwy), Bridget Duggan (Paper Waves) Jess Jacobs (Band Without Hands), Tanya Pearson (Drab), Gretchen Shae (The Knock Ups) and Magen Tracy (Parlour Bells, The Missed Connections).

The show has come together not too long after news that Johnny D’s will close early next year.

“It’s a melancholy time we are all living through here in Boston where the music is concerned,” reads the event description. “Our beloved T.T.’s is no more, and Davis Square stalwart Johnny D’s will soon sadly meet the same fate. The mood is dark, somber, bittersweet, nostalgic and filled with angst. Whose music could be more suitable for this lingering sadness than that of the one and only Declan Patrick MacManus?”

Costello, who was born on August 25, turns 61 this year, and plays the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion two nights this week with Steely Dan, July 30 and 31.

The flyer below has some additional details on the tribute show…