Art Rocked: Listen to the bands playing Your Friends Fest this weekend in Somerville


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: The best part of the Rock And Roll Rumble is the two-way highway of exposure. Bands play for new audiences, and audiences gets to see new bands that they might not be totally familiar with. And in the best cases, the band on stage rocking out in the name of the Rumble gives a glimpse into their world and scene.

That was the case earlier this spring when Psychic Dog pulled back the curtain on their weirdo garage punk. Watching the trio perform live, it was clear there was a whole other vibe around the band, one that merged art and music and culture in a way that added up to something more than just a few dudes on stage rocking out.

That idea will be on full display in grander proportions this Saturday at Cuisine En Locale, when Psychic Dog and RubenSonar Productions host Your Friends Fest, a community-minded event bringing together creatives from across New England.


“My motivation was thinking about how lucky we are to be surrounded by and supported by so many incredibly talented artists and friends,” says Dug McCormack, artist and Psychic Dog frontman. “The name comes from the fact that you most likely know most of the vendors/sponsors and would consider them your friend. We are so fucking lucky knowing the people we know, and having the luxury of calling them friends. The purpose of the show is to benefit the community by being an event that is not based on one entity/person/ego. A community is based on support and promoting those you feel are working hard at what you believe in, that represents you.”

McCormack, who stresses that he couldn’t possibly take on organizing this show without the help of his wife, Kelley Ann Clark McCormack, adds: “Everyone involved is showcased because they do good things for the community and they deserved some recognition. The Venue. The Staff. The Bands. The Artists. The Businesses. The Crowd. Everyone.”

Vendors, artists, and sponsors for Saturday’s event include Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery, Ocelot Records, Zombie Romance, Heavy Hand Illustration, David Scott Graphic Design, Bishop & Rook, ChadderBox Effects, JustBill Net, Galaxy Park Studios, Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood, Bay State Rock, Sound Museum Rehearsal Complex, Somerville Grooves, Mutiny On The Microphone, RedHotBox Studios, and others.


Vendor tables will be selling art, designers will have their work on display, and even leather smiths, herbalists and galleries will be represented. There’s also a photo booth, live painting, and an art show in the upstairs room curated by Dave Tree of SweeTree Ink featuring local artists.

“This is my first time doing an event of this size, normally I just put together run of the mill rock shows around the city,” McCormack says. “I feel that the arts and music community are intertwined and needed to be showcased.”

Live music will be provided by Spo, DCDR, currents, Great News, and Psychic Dog, and the night is hosted by musical comedy duo The Daley Grimes. Check out a sample of the playlist below, as well as the event flyer, designed by McCormack…



Your Friends Fest