Here is the most heartbreaking photo that proves T.T. The Bear’s Place is no more


If Saturday night was a celebration, the days after have served as a wake.

After 40 years of music T.T. The Bear’s Place hosted its last show over the weekend, and yesterday crews were busy dismantling the club and its recognizable exterior. On Sunday morning, someone had already ripped the whiteboard from the front of 10 Brookline St., where each night’s show or party was detailed, and yesterday, workers removed the rock club’s wooden marquee.

The pictures, taken by T.T.’s staff member Andrew “DJ Panda” Galante, really send the message home.


Especially this one:

TT Sign 4

T.T. The Bear’s Place is no more.


We’ve heard rumors that the signs, infamous stage banner, and some other memorabilia will live on for display in a different location around town, but we’ll reveal all that when the time is right.

In the meantime, pour one out…

All photos by Andrew Galante

TT Sign 5


TT Sign 3

TT Sign 2

TT Sign 1