Foo Fighters fan in Toronto asks ‘It’s My Birthday Can I Play Drums?’ Dave Grohl says ‘Yes!’


Note to any ambitious Foo Fighters fans attending next weekend’s shows at Fenway Park: Bring a sign, and hope it’s your lucky birthday.

In Toronto this past Thursday night, one fan was actually invited to up to the stage by frontman Dave Grohl after the 18-year-old named Anthony held up a homemade sign that read: “It’s My Birthday Can I Play Drums?”

Sure thing, Grohl says, perched high atop his rock and roll throne.


“If you suck on the drums, I will personally tar and feather your ass backstage,” Grohl tells the kid and drummer Taylor Hawkins finds a new space on stage to hang out and supply backing vocals. “Get up there right now!”

Grohl adds, for natural color: ‘I sure hope this motherfucker doesn’t suck. Hey, you know Foo Fighters’ songs? You ain’t playing that fucking song, that’s the last one we’re going to play tonight.”

Apparently the guy asked to drum on some “Best Of You.” But Grohl had another idea.


“We got a song called ‘Big Me’, do you know that song?” Grohl asks. “It’s the easiest one, if you fuck this one up you’re going to look like a total fucking asshole. Ready?”

He was ready. North America was ready.

Meanwhile, check out some of the merch for Foo Fighters’ two New York gigs this week at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. We might be some similar designs, only in Red Sox colors, for next week’s Fenway Park swing.


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