Make This Woman Scream: Listen to Prince’s anthemic new song, ‘HARDROCKLOVER’

UPDATE 9:55 a.m.: Looks like the song was pulled. Hopefully you caught a bit of it this morning.

UPDATE 10:13 a.m.: Ok now it’s back. Enjoy!

That thunder you hear outside this morning isn’t due to nature. It’s to mark the arrival of a new Prince song, “HARDROCKLOVER”, a four-minute stomper shout outs Red Bull, Patrón, and the power of the mighty guitar — all while apparently questioning what’s up in other genres lately.

Turn that guitar up, Prince wants to make this woman scream.

“Ain’t no rapper trying to be a singer,” Prince offers up in the lyrics. “Come on, make a move/Sade and Babyface/R&B ain’t got no place/But put some hard rock on, you’d better cover your ears/‘Cus you’re about to hear a woman just scream.”

Listen to “HARDROCKLOVER” below, and check the artwork after the Soundcloud…

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