Ask A Punk, Help A Punk: Rebuilder to take ‘Rock & Roll In America’ halfway across the country


Earlier this month Boston punk band Rebuilder released their new record, Rock & Roll In America, and now they need some help bringing it to the masses.

Planning a tour for this August and September, Rebuilder are looking for show assistance in the following markets: Pittsburgh, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, and North Carolina.

“As you can see, we haven’t had much luck,” the band writes on social media. “If you can help us out or point us in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.”


Check out Rock & Roll In America via Bandcamp below, and use the handy guide at the bottom to help fill in some blanks. As you can see, everything worked out just fine for Virginia Beach. As usual.

Rebuilder Map