The Everlasting: Watch the Manic Street Preachers struggle to smash a guitar on stage


Never underestimate the strength of a bass guitar.

Last night Manic Street Preachers closed out a hometown gig at Cardiff Castle in Wales with a powerful rendition of 1996 single “A Design For Life,” and decided to end the show with a bang by smashing a bloody bass guitar in one last fit of musical protest.

The only problem was that guitar refused to break. Bassist Nicky Wire took a few shots at it before frontman James Dean Bradfield stepped in, finally getting the axe to break before telling the crowd, “It’s the toughest guitar in the fuckin’ world.”


With the guitar finally shattered, the Welsh band left the stage. Fan-filmed video caught the incident, and the guitar-smashing gets good around the :37 mark.

[h/t NME]