‘Everything’s Gotta Go’: T.T. The Bear’s Place announces rock club garage sale

T.T. The Bear’s Place has scheduled a full week of blowout shows before its closing next month, including a July 25 finale with Scruffy The Cat. But there might not be much left of the decades-old Cambridge rock club after June 20, when it hosts an “Everything’s Gotta Go” sale from 1 to 6 p.m.

T.T.’s announced the event last night via social media. More than 1,000 people have already RSVP’d via Facebook.

“So we’ve accumulated 40 plus years of stuff and it’s all gotta go!,” the event description reads. “Come by and say hi to T.T.’s owner and amazing lady Bonney Bouley and pick up some momentos. There’s some great stuff we found up in the attic, everything from the restaurant days, dishware, glassware, some antiques, furniture all sorts of stuff! Of course the bar will be open!”

No word on how much that infamous stage banner will sell for, or if it’s even for sale.

In addition to being able to buy T.T.’s-specific memorabilia and items, there could also be a decent amount of old band merchandise up for sale. A few years ago, Bouley and the venue’s management found a goldmine of vintage band merchandise left behind by performers, mostly from the ’80s and ’90s, and even some dating back to the 1970s (I wrote about the find for the Boston Phoenix, but that website is now gone). In 2012, some of the items were posted to eBay to help those in the midwest who were affected by tornadoes.

In addition to the venue garage sale, T.T.’s will also host its final Rockin’ Flea Market & Bloody Mary Bash on July 12. Find out more information on that event here.

Watch Sebadoh’s 1996 video for “Oceans” below, which was filmed at T.T.’s nearly 20 years ago…