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Drop That Beat: Here’s the trailer for Zac Efron’s upcoming movie about being an EDM DJ


Nearly a decade ago, Justice vs Simian released an electro-banger called “We Are Your Friends,” and it still gets a ton of attention at certain dance parties. Now, the track’s title will have a whole new meaning, as it’s also the name of a new Zac Efron movie about being an EDM DJ in Southern California.

The trailer for We Are Your Friends just dropped today, like the sickest of beats, yo, and it’s a whopping three minutes and 16 seconds long. Which pretty much lays out the entire plot: it’s that time-honored rock and roll story, just swap out a guitar for some DJ decks. Hustle, flow, blow up, crash, burn. Let the music play.

Mixmag is already dubbing it “EDM: The Musical”.


Out August 28, We Are Your Friends also stars Emily Ratajkowski and Wes Bentley, and was written and directed by Max Joseph, the guy from MTV show Catfish (we guess that’s the same guy, though it is a common name).

Watch the trailer below.