KardBlock II: Coming soon to your news feed, a filter that blocks all Justin Bieber content

This week a new app that blocks any traces of the Kardashians from your social media news feeds gained instant traction online, with potential users bowing down and praising the filter for allowing real issues to shine on through.

#Kardblock was created by a Los Angeles-based 21-year-old British viral marketer named James Shamsi, and he’s being hailed as a hero — the Daily Beast wrote that he’s doing “God’s work.” Since being announced earlier in the week, more than 20,000 people have signed up for the beta version of the web browser extension.

We were intrigued, so we hit up kardblock.com, and read the site’s mission statement.

“You won’t ever know the stories about the Kardashians are there, because you won’t ever see them,” it reads. “We are also working on customization to block content related to Justin Bieber.”

Biebs, beware.

And who knows if it will stop there. Let’s hope Miley Cyrus doesn’t get the #Block treatment — she’s doing so good these days.

“The concept here is to replace Kardashian links with ones to charitable causes of all kind,” Shamsi tells the Daily Beast. “But our ultimate goal is even bigger than just that. We are looking to disrupt the entire digital advertising space. We want to replace all advertising with donation links and important news widgets.”

He adds: “On top of that, we want to build a customization feature as well, one that will let you get rid of Kardashian news, Bieber news, as well as advertisements.”

Here’s a look at #Kardblock in its basic form, and the mission statement: