Quick Hit: Here’s a chart that illustrates which drugs are popular at various music festivals

Ever wonder which drugs are being consumed the most at music festivals? Well, DrugAbuse.com has been wondering, too, and this week they released the below chart to see which drugs are showing up at the major North American music festivals.

Of course, determining who are doing what drugs has always been a tricky exercise — no one really readily admits to this kinda stuff, as Billboard notes. But people are talking about their highs on social media.

Good look!

So the website and study, which you can learn more about by clicking here, took 15 festivals and studied nearly 3.6 million Instagram posts, coming up with a percentage of what drugs were mentioned in conjunction with people attending those fests. There are some obvious: People at Marley Fest sure do love the weed (82.04%), and EDM festivals dominate the Top 3 when it comes to people (idiots?) posting about molly and MDMA (Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra, Camp Bisco). Burning Man tops the lists when it comes to LSD, mushrooms, crack, DMT, and mescaline. At Coachella, it’s all about the yayo (must be those after parties).

Alcohol dominated January’s KISS Country Chili Cook-Off in Southern Florida at a whopping 90.26%, but it comes with a huge caveat. The festival was headlined by Brad Paisley, who has a 2005 hit called “Alcohol“. Were people ‘Gramming about the drink or the song? Or both?

Peep it, with a grain of your preferred substance, below…