Vanyaland Premiere: Keith McEachern projects an 8mm bloodline in new video for ‘Pleasant’


When Keith McEachern released his debut solo record at the tail-end of last year, much was made about the Wandas frontman attempting to re-discover himself, personally and professionally. McEachern went off into seclusion to write, record, and produce every note on Double Down, setting out on a personal journey that began with an inward direction.

Today, the multi-instrumentalist McEachern releases the latest single from Double Down in “Pleasant”, a moody, deliberate, slow-burner pop song that finds the music video reconnecting the musician with his bloodlines.

“Pleasant” was created using old 8mm film from McEachern’s late grandfather, who died when the musician was a teenager. The video footage features several family members from his mother’s side, including his great-grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, mother, aunt’s and uncle’s, in what has become not only a personal scrapbook, but a tale of reflection and redemption.


“I think the biggest thing for me is wishing he was still alive,” McEachern tells Vanyaland. “He died when I was 17. At that age I don’t think I could fully appreciate and/or comprehend all the things he experienced and survived over the years. He was a hard-working man, an innovator and an entrepreneur. These are all qualities that I strive for as an adult. All of us grandchildren seem to have that drive and passion he embodied.”

Directed by Adam Waz, the mind behind the video for McEachern’s first single, “My Education”, the music video aims to tell a story about a man disenfranchised with the so-called “American Dream,” and looks back on the memories of his life and realizes the dream was all around him the while time.

The video has allowed McEachern to find peace with his family and his place in the world.

“For so many years I let music run the show,” he adds. “I was overly driven and I pushed away those that got in my way. It’s an exhausting and lonely way to live. I know it sounds a bit cliché, but I feel like the video helped bring things full circle for me. I feel like I’m a little closer to finding the answer to life. When it’s all said and done, what’s truly important? Family, your relationships and the memories you create. It’s all bittersweet.”

McEachern performs live on June 10 at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston on a Lysten Boston bill alongside Strangeways, the Milling Gowns, and Jargon Party.

Watch “Pleasant” below.