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Montage Of What The Heck: A Kurt Cobain solo album will be released this summer


Twenty-years after his suicide, a new solo album from Kurt Cobain will be released this summer.

The record is compiled from the more 200 hours of audio recordings left behind by the late Nirvana frontman, which were sifted through by filmmaker Brett Morgen for the upcoming documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck.

The revelation was first reported this afternoon by New York publication Bedford & Bowery. Read this while you take a shower:


When we asked Brett Morgen whether there were any still-unreleased gems amidst the 200 hours of audio he combed through in order to create his new documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, he gave us the most exciting answer imaginable: “We’re going to be putting out an amazing album this summer that I think will answer that question.” The album of home recordings, Morgen said, “will feel like you’re kind of hanging out with Kurt Cobain on a hot summer day in Olympia, Washington as he fiddles about. It’s going to really surprise people. Just to be clear, it’s not a Nirvana album, it’s just Kurt and you’re going to hear him do things you never expected to come out of him.”

Seems weird, but hey, we’re intrigued.

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck premieres on HBO on May 4, and over the past few weeks anecdotes, reviews, snippets and pieces of lost audio have surfaced online, including this raw Cobain cover of the Beatles’ “And I Love Her.” Which we guess now counts as the new solo record’s first single… ?