Ratt Was Wrong: Ride the MBTA for free on Friday, and hit up these rock shows and dance parties


Get ready to illegally download some Edgar Winter Group, because the MBTA is inviting everyone to come on and take a free ride this Friday. That’s cool for all the commuters who take the T on the regular, but it also allows a chance for people around town to jump on the train and go out Friday night at no cost other than your reputation for punctuality.

The MBTA is calling it “Customer Appreciation Day,” with no charge for riders on its subway, bus and commuter rail lines, but we are calling it Get To The Show For Fucking Free Day. For those not riding the city tomorrow, there’s also an offer of 15% off your monthly T pass for May.

“I hope to see a lot of people take advantage of this unique opportunity to use the MBTA free of charge,” Secretary of Transportation and MassDOT CEO Stephanie Pollack says in a statement, via BostInno. “We have partnered with our friends in the business community to offer T users some affordable and entertaining activities throughout the region.”


We’re sure those are really exciting!

But here’s what’s on our radar, because all we do is music, and we usually know where you get off on a Friday night. And yeah, looks like Stephen Pearcy of Ratt was wrong when he said “Nobody Rides For Free”

The Rock And Roll Rumble @ T.T. The Bear’s: Red Line to Central Square


The second of a two-night semi-final round is perfect for someone who wants to get into Boston music but doesn’t know where to start. From the explosive power-rock of The Static Dynamic to the slow-burn indie-prog cool of Eternals to the pop-smart fiddlin’ fuckery of Nemes to Maine’s hard rock stone crushers Murcielago, the Rumble holds court once again as ground zero for genre-spanning local music celebrations.

Rumble 2015 Logo

Manic Street Preachers @ the Sinclair: Red Line to Harvard Square

The British rock survivalists are in town celebrating the 20th anniversary of landmark record The Holy Bible, and while this Vanyaland Presents show is sold out, Britpop Social Club hosts the after party in the Sinclair Kitchen. Expect a chilled-out mix of deeper ’90s British indie cuts and maybe a few circa-2000 indie dance party staples. It is Friday night, after all. Look sharp.


Barbazons @ the Middle East: Red Line to Central Square

The band formerly known as the Fagettes are reborn as Barbazons, and have a sticky-sweet ’60s-pop flavored new record to spew all over everyone in the room. Avec Plaisir is out on the always on-point Kids Like You And Me Records (Fat Creeps, Prefab Messiahs), and it’s another romp through the back streets of musical monkey business. Doug Tuttle, Beware The Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, and Atlantic Thrills round out the Illegally Blind bill, and this is pretty much your best bet if you want to sweat your ass off because you can’t stop moving moving moving.


Ex-Hex @ Great Scott: Green Line to Harvard Avenue

Another sold out show, but maybe you can take that money you saved from T fares and use it to bribe the door guy. Or just say that you thought the Pill was still around and you’re definitely on the list because you know DJ Ken. Or just stand near the bus stop on Harvard Ave and hear Mary Timony and crew tear through their latest record Rips, out on Merge last fall, because it does exactly what the title suggests.

Tommie Sunshine & Tittsworth @ Rise: Green Line to Arlington


Boston’s infamous after-hours club is closing later this month, so of course legendary techno and house DJ/producer Tommie Sunshine is here to help send the joint out in style. The Chicago-born genre-smasher teams with LA/DC party-starter Tittsworth to make you dread the impending sunrise that will smack you in the face once you finally vacate the Stuart Street den of iniquity. But be warned: The free ride campaign probably ends at midnight Friday, so while Rise doesn’t get bumping until after last call, you might wanna roll up early. Then again, has anyone ever taken the T to Rise?