Smack My Pitch Up: Watch the Prodigy assault DJ culture with help from Sleaford Mods in ‘Ibiza’ video


It’s been a scant three weeks since the release of The Day Is My Enemy, the latest LP from the Prodigy, but it’s already making all sorts of waves; the biggest perhaps in this week’s release of the video for fifth single “Ibiza.” Enlisting some vocal assistance from Jason Williamson, he of the dreadfully magnificent UK hip-hop/punk duo Sleaford Mods, the track is a complete rip on the weak superstar DJ culture the Prodigy witnessed while visiting the Balearic island recently.

“It’s an attack on these mindless fucking jokers that arrive in their Learjets, pull a USB stick out of their pockets, plug it in and wave their hands in the air to a pre-programmed mix,” Prodigy mastermind Liam Howlett told FactMag earlier this year of the inspiration behind “Ibiza.”

Sleaford Mods — who are quickly giving the Gallagher brothers a run for their money in the one-liner department after having tweeted during Glastonbury last summer, “I thought the dog had shit in my hair but then realised Kasabian were fucking playing” — couldn’t be a better choice for verbally beating down the pencil pusher keeping his vinyl sleeves lint free in the video.


“It’s all about the gear/Bleached-hair wanking mates just flown in on the Lear,” Williamson rhapsodizes at the poor, talentless slacker behind the desk while asking rhetorically and repeatedly of his Prodigy mates, “What’s ‘e fucking doing?!” Keith Flint is looking as crazy as ever too — we’re delighted to report.

Check it out, this shit’s about to make your night.