Watch Speedy Ortiz and some familiar faces trip out at the Allston Diner in ‘The Graduates’


When it comes to drug awareness, the schools warned us about many things, but they never warned us about those damn googly eyes. Speedy Ortiz got the memo, and in their new music video for “The Graduates,” the Massachusetts guitar rock band do what most of us here in Boston have done for most of our adult lives: Try to make sense of shit while tripping balls out in Allston.

Directed by Matthew Caron, “The Graduates” was partially filmed at the Allston Diner on Cambridge Street — literally next door to the OG Vanya HQ — and features some familiar faces from around town, like sound engineer extraordinaire Dan G and music writer Maura Johnston. Speedy BFFs Palehound also make a cameo, there’s a huge-ass bunny rabbit in some acid-trip karaoke session, and there’s a slick shout out to Krill, as well.

At least we think there is. It might just be the effects of Speedy’s goggly eyes taking hold.


Meanwhile, Speedy Ortiz’ new LP Foil Deer is out today via Carpark, and the band plays a sold out Sinclair in Cambridge tomorrow with Mitski and the aforementioned Krill.

Allston forever.