Getting Attention: Blackbutton soundtrack Converse Rubber Tracks Live series announcement video

This morning Converse and Bowery sent Boston into a frenzy with the announcement of their Rubber Tracks Live series, a free, all-ages week at the Sinclair in Cambridge that features some BAMF headliners: The Replacements, Passion Pit, Slayer, Chance The Rapper and Descendents.

Details on the series are here, and tickets will be distributed via a potters starting Monday.

There’s also a heavy bit of local flavor on these bills, from Radclyffe Hall and Bent Shapes to Doomriders and Young Leaves (not to mention Cambridge-born Passion Pit), but the Boston love doesn’t stop there.

Homegrown alt-rock trio Blackbutton have the honor of soundtracking Converse’s announcement video, as their track “AM Clouds PM Sun” blares in the clip below. The song was recorded in December 2013 at Q Division Studios in Somerville, as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks pop-up sessions, and it’s the third installment in the band’s Stripper Series.

Rubber Tracks Live