Let Me Out: Gene Dante and Parlour Bells deliver a rousing performance of ‘Under Pressure’

When two good-time pop powderkegs get together for a joint record release party, the other acts on a bill always need to step up their game. Last Friday night at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge, Party Bois and Petty Morals held down the double-headliner slots by virtue of their double-a-side split 7-inch release, so it’s understandable if the show’s “openers,” Gene Dante & the Future Starlets and Parlour Bells, felt they were under any sort of… pressure.

What are bands to do when feeling “Under Pressure”?

Conspire and collaborate in the name of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, of course.

Sparks flew as Dante joined Parlour Bells on stage for the rousing duet, which we’re grateful was captured on film to live on a week later. As someone standing next to me at T.T.’s remarked at the time, “Wow, that’s a tough act to follow.”

Hopefully it won’t be the pair’s last dance; we need to get this crew back together in the studio for an official release.

You know, like for a split 7-inch, or something.