Glacial Space: Let’s Wait take their synth-pop on an Iceland fantasy in ‘Cascade’


Electronic pop quartet Let’s Wait were responsible for some of our favorite music to come out of Boston in 2014. November’s Hiding In Your Fantasy EP was a perfect mix of detached synth-pop cool and post-noir aural aesthetics, the kind of sounds where you create mental landscapes in your head as you listen along.

Now Let’s Wait are providing the visuals of their own, swapping out the street light glow of urban environs for the eerie glacial backdrops and lava field apocalypse of Iceland.

Their new video for “Cascade” was shot around the Nordic island country, giving their music a stark isolation as the band members’ silhouettes break up the scenery. The clip is a collaborative effort between Let’s Wait and director/videographer Matt Relstab, and you can let it take you away on your own terms below.


Let's Wait – Cascade {Official Video} from Pica Films on Vimeo.