Friday Night Fight: For Petty Morals’ Tai Heatley, a kidney stone can’t stop the rock

Most typhoons are unstoppable. So is Tai “Taiphoon” Heatley.

The vocalist for Boston dance-punk band Petty Morals was in the emergency room this morning receiving treatment for a kidney stone, but has no plans to not be on stage tonight at T.T. The Bear’s Place when her band releases a split 7-inch with pop-misfit insta-jam crew Party Bois.

“I’m OK now, but you never know when the stone will get stuck in my track so I have the Percocet on hand,” Heatley tells Vanyaland. “It should be quite an exciting show. When you have Lauren [Recchia] as your drummer, you must pull through and fight.”

Tonight’s show also features performances by Parlour Bells and Gene Dante & The Future Starlets. We’ve been hyping the show on VanyaRadio all week, starting around the time Heatley started to feel ill.

“I’ve been having minor pain in my stomach and back since Tuesday,” she says. “I thought it was a muscle pull from doing yoga. Last night, the pain was horrible and I was vomiting and I knew something was wrong. I thought it was an ulcer, I thought it was pancreatitis. Moral of the story, don’t listen to Web MD.”

A doctor this morning told her that she had a kidney stone, but the good news is that it will pass on its own and no additional procedures are required. One might even pass tonight during new song “Go For Broke,” which is featured as a double a-side to Party Bois’ new jam “Loving Arms.”

“My stone is small enough to pass on its own,” Heatley assures. “It’s 3mm. They usually operate if it’s 8mm or if you can’t take the pain. I’m a tough chick, I got this.”

Here’s a preview of what we’ll hear tonight, but to hear the new Petty Morals and Party Bois tracks you’ll have to either tune in to VanyaRadio today at 1 and 7pm EST or roll up to the show.

Petty Party Flyer