Weekend Dance Picks: Kevin Saunderson, Concord Dawn, Mike Swells, DJ Helix & L-VIS 1990 ++


As the city transitions from the shackles of cruel winter, there is no longer a legitimate weather excuse to stay home sulking your evenings & weekends away with Netflix & your private vice of choice. Contribute to the melting of any residual ice & snow with the stomping of your feet & the steamy perspiration of your pores at the following nightlife events around town & across that Dirty Water.

This week in particular features fervor from local acts, along with a master class in sound courtesy of the birthplace of techno, the Motor City.

On our Swatch Watches, the weekend starts #meow.


APRIL 2: Kevin Saunderson @ #MakeItNew – Middlesex Lounge

Also known as the “Elevator,” Saunderson combined with fellow Belleville, Detroit, residents Juan Atkins & Derrick May to further the evolution & influence of electronic dance music. A history lesson with an irrefutable legend is on deck tonight @ 315 Massachusetts Avenue. My personal pick of the litter!

Pre-game listen to his first record Triangle of Love under the Kreem moniker, markedly influenced by New Order.

April 2: Concord Dawn @ ELEMENTS — The Phoenix Landing

Fulfill your drum & bass fantasies with the New Zealand-originated Concord Dawn, active since 1999 and appearing tonight for the first time here in 6 years. An opening set with the lovely & meticulous resident, Lenore.

Check out their latest EP Gumshoe on Soundcloud.


APRIL 3: DJ Helix & L-VIS 1990 @ SHAKE! — Good Life Boston

The fourth installment of this monthly presents two young gun producers from the English record label Night Slugs. The two sets are sure to fill the void in your soul this Friday evening. Opening sounds provided by our favorite junglist, Pete Dev/null.


APRIL 4: CSC Presents ELASTIC — Bella Luna Milky Way Lounge

Have a guaranteed delightful Saturday in Jamaica Plain with all vinyl DJ sets from local stalwarts Matt McNeill (CSC), Alfredo (Social Studies), & the exuberant duo of Oscar Huang x Andrew Gallagher. There’s no greater vibration through air than that of a needle on wax.


APRIL 4: Mike Swells & Friends — RISE Nightclub

The only legal establishment in Boston open until 6 a.m. for dancing is about to say farewell this month. Catch general manager Mike Swells deliver his last set full of after hours flavour, with opening underground sounds from LA based Freddy Be & community members Randy Deshaies, Patrick Barry, & Ryan Obermiller in the lounge.