Fast Furry Friends: Ed Sheeran and Sesame Street team up, because of course they did


Here’s something released on April Fool’s Day that no one mistook for a joke: British singer Ed Sheeran has teamed up with children’s show Sesame Street for a hot new collaboration that pretty much everyone saw coming.

“Filmed that a long time ago, happy it’s finally out,” Sheeran tweeted out yesterday.

The old-fashioned jam session stars some of Sesame Street’s most recognizable stars, like Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Grover, and features some subject matter true to only the realest motherfuckers.


“Two Different Worlds” is about how school and home life are different. “At home you can play with your mommy and daddy, and you can talk whenever you want,” writes Sesame Street. “At school you can play too — with your friends, but you must raise your hand to speak and follow your teachers’ instructions. You live in two different worlds.”

Check out “Two Different Worlds” below…