Retro Currents: The Prefab Messiahs connect the psych-pop decades on ‘Weirdoz Everywhere’

Thirtieth anniversaries are usually about looking back and celebrating the past. For enduring Massachusetts psychedelic garage-pop trio the Prefab Messiahs, today’s all about the right now.

Born in Worcester back in 1981, disbanded two years later, and now reformed and repping out-there places like Callicoon, Memphis, and Boston, today the Prefab Messiahs release new album Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive. Recorded by Doug Tuttle and Jesse Gallagher, the LP is a collaborate vinyl release from Burger Records and KLYAM Records, with CDs and digitals available here.

Last month, the Messiahs dropped the jangle-mad shout-along psych-pop jam “Weirdoz Everywhere”, showing they’ve not missed a beat since their formation, and you can peep the video for that track below.

“It’s part of the loose story of the album, which is a composite of the experiences of the band and people we knew when we started out,” bassist Kris Thompson tells Vanyaland. “And the album story is stretched onto an also-loose “Siddhartha” theme… hence the opening track ‘Ssydarthurr.’ The ‘wisdom’ that’s gained is more or less how to keep your dreams alive in an often gray and uncaring world. ‘Weirdoz’ itself is about the composite character (Ssydarthurr) leaving the small-town suburbs for college in an industrial college town (hello Wormtown!). The straights are so straight back home that they’re ‘weird’ in their own way, and a lot of the scenesters in the new town are trying so hard to be ‘different’ that you ‘can’t get arrested in this town,’ as the song says.”

The Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive record release party goes down March 19 at the Middle East in Cambridge, with the Prefab Messiahs leading a killer bill with Secret Lover, the Fagettes, and Fedavees.

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