Air Burdens: Market for bags of Kanye West’s oxygen heats up after $60,000 auction

What’s something worth? Whatever someone will pay.

Last week, a bag of Kanye West’s oxygen appeared on eBay, generating 90 bids over a frantic few days that put the price tag at just over $60,000. “Kanye West Yeezus Tour Air For Sale” has since been removed, but not before creating a new, unexpected market demand for Yeezy’s possibly-breathed-in-or-out air. The original seller, stangeedon1, had a simple yet effective description of his five-figure item: “Held bag open and sealed air in”.

Here’s the original listing, via Mashable:


Of course where there’s a dollar to be made, in come the copycats. Mashable notes that there were roughly a dozen, as of last week, posts where eBay sellers were trying to pass off air allegedly breathed in and out by ‘Ye. “For example, crystal245 claims that their 20-gallon bag of front-row concert air could ‘possibly contain Kanye’s breath,'” the site writes. “With six days remaining, it has received 14 bids and the price currently stands at $305.”


But prices are dropping.

A new listing, Kanye West Yeezus Tour Airbag w/ Tickets for Proof of Authenticity, has a Buy-It-Now price of only $100.

“This is real air from Kanye West,” writes basco_za. “Not much out there. I have my ticket to prove me at the concert. This is from Kanye West on his Yeezus Tour. Comes with Kanye AIRBAG. Tickets not included because of personalization on ticket. Thanks, please contact me if you have any questions!”

While West didn’t breathe directly into the bag, the air around ‘Ye has to be worth… something.

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