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Friday Disco: Listen to Camino’s ‘Eyebrows On Fleek’ before tonight’s Allston release party


Talk to anyone around Boston over the past few weeks, and they all share the same sentiment: After a devastatingly shitty winter, this spring and summer is going to be one giant mega-party. Outdoor living, friendly BBQs, all-night dance parties, rooftop orgies, all sorts of sunburn-inducing shit will be going down from shore to shore and back and forth along the Mass Pike.

It’ll be like T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” come to life, with the rapper playing the role of Boston and us buying all the designer bags we could ever want.

But now that temperatures are slowly creeping up to non-Russia levels and the snowbank skyscrapers are slowly dwindling away, there’s no need to wait for spring. We’re getting sprung early.


Fresh-faced Boston dance music producer Camino gets shit started tonight at Wonderbar in Allston for the release of his debut record Freshman 15, which drops Tuesday. A few weeks ago he teased out the album’s lead track, the throbbing disco-funk head-nodder “Eyebrows On Fleek”, and you can fire that jam up down below while starting to sort out your Friday night plans.

Our boys in Bearstronaut will be throwing down a DJ set, and the night also features the beautifully named Buttnekked Wonder and LeRoy The King. Full deets after the Soundcloud.


Camino Party