Vanyaland Premiere: The Wrong Shapes fill the blanks with love on ‘You Taste Like Water’


The great Boston Snow Winter of 2015 will be known for many things beyond incessant complaining, city-wide traffic gridlock, and a mass failure of the city’s public transportation system. Buried under several feet of the unsnortable white stuff was a glowing orb of creativity, from Somerville musicians coming together as Thundersnow to the Curve of the Earth pop-up record store in Cambridge.

Medford chamber-pop duo the Wrong Shapes also felt the burn of inspiration during the frigid months of immobility, hosting “Salon” living room shows among friends to break up the couple’s Jim Jarmusch movie marathons. Today, the Wrong Shapes emerge with new song “You Taste Like Water,” and a live performance March 5 at Club Passim in Cambridge.

“Snowed in for days at the beginning of Boston’s 2015 Snow-pocalypse watching the recent Jim Jarmusch vampire film on constant loop, it was easy for Bo and Rachel Barringer to imagine themselves the Only Lovers Left Alive,” reads the bio for the new track, which you can preview and DL below. The weather outside inspired “the duo to record a batch of new songs, the first of which, ‘You Taste Like Water,’ seems to suggest that these two undeads have a taste for water over blood.”

The new single, the first of several to be unveiled over the course of 2015, is a haunting ballad that brings a new element into the Wrong Shapes’ usual musical arsenal of drum machine, cello, guitar, and vocals: space. What’s not heard on “You Taste Like Water” shines as loudly as the music itself, the sound of ghosts swirling over the Barringers’ efforts as love-struck mortals. It’s the sound of patience and confidence in a winter that has tested both.

Listen to “You Taste Like Water” below, and scan the show flyer after the Bandcamp jump; the Wrong Shapes will be joined Thursday at Passim by Jaggery and Mary Zoo, a duo featuring french chanteuse Christine Zufferey with Axemunkee/Bring Us Your Women‘s Cathy Capozzi.

Wrong Shapes Flyer