Allston Forever: Codetta, Vic Firecracker to reunite for huge 2015 Awesome Day Fest

Last year’s Awesome Day Fest featured three venues, bands like Lifestyle and Thalia Zedek Band, and a flyer depicting a dude drinking a PBR while riding on a fucking shark.

We thought peak awesome was finally reached. We were wrong.

This year’s Awesome Day Fest was just announced, and it’s a motherfucker: the annual O’Brien’s Pub BBQ and live music throw down goes down all day on May 30, has expanded down (up?) Harvard Avenue to fellow Allston venues Great Scott and Wonderbar, and enlisted alt-pop powderkegs like Party Bois, Petty Morals, and Sidewalk Driver. The lineup also features reunions by Codetta and Vic Firecracker, the latter of which was fucking robbed by the Ghost of Tony Gold in the 1998 Rock And Roll Rumble (or so says Carl Lavin all these years).

“Awesome Day Fest was started by our friend Jesse Sherman years ago,” writes co-presenter Midriff Records in today’s announcement. “This year we are helping out again to organize and co-curate the day and we are thrilled. In past years Awesome Day has been a day into night bill taking place exclusively at the legendary O’Brien’s Pub on Harvard Ave in Allston, MA. The afternoon is always accompanied by copious amounts of BBQ on the OB’s back patio and the best rock Boston has to offer on the stage.”

Also performing at this year’s bash are Weird Womb, Kudgel, Shatner, Guillermo Sexo, Crooked North, Eldridge Rodriguez, Diablo Gato and more to be announced.

“There are some potential unorthodox venues in the works as well and we’ll let you know as venues and bands are added,” write the folks at Midriff. “Awesome Day Fest is a day long party celebrating the music, art and spirit of Allston ‘Rock City’, MA. With bands and BBQ during the day and rock at night we hope that folks will come out, spend the day with us and experience what makes Allston, MA so special. Make a day of it!”

Tickets for individual shows and an “all venue” wristband will be put on sale in the coming weeks, and we’ll post the venue lineups and set times as they become available.

Awesome Day Fest