Cool Scene: Cambridge label Curve of the Earth creates pop-up record shop in snow bank

Ever since Mother Nature decided to dump roughly a 100 inches of snow on Eastern Massachusetts, people here have gotten creative with their time. Some folks have created igloo fire pits in their back yards to enhance social engagement, while others have figured out a way to make a quick buck by selling snow to those who aren’t totally sick of it.

Cambridge-based record label Curve of the Earth might have found the best use of the monstrous snow banks that currently line our streets by opening a pop-up shop outside their Central Square base.

“Boston has been rewarded with the perfect snowbanks to set up a pop up store,” Curve of the Earth owner Alvan Long tells Vanyaland. “Curve Of The Earth is a workingman’s record label… There is no sleep for us during the winter!”

Among the albums displayed over the weekend include recent releases by Cask Mouse, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, and the recently signed JarvaLand, who helped work the frozen counter and move some units.

If only they had more chillwave.

Check out the scene below…

Curve Snow 2

Curve Snow 1