20 Years After The Fire: Watch The Prodigy take us into their ‘Wild Frontier’


We still can’t wrap our heads around the idea that the Prodigy’s mainstream-crashing hit “Firestarter” turns 20 years old next year, but we’re pleased in the knowledge the influential British electronic music crew aren’t settling for being a nostalgia act.

Instead of a 20-year retrospective on starting fires the old-fashioned techno way, the Prodigy are delivering a new album, The Day Is My Enemy, on March 30. The video for the album’s latest single, “Wild Frontier” dropped today, and it was directed by Mascha Halberstad with animation by Elmer Kaan. Watch it below.

The song itself sounds like the scene of someone winning big at the casino slot machines. But don’t ask Liam Howlett if it’s “fresh” or not.


He tells the NME: “I’m not worried about whether I can keep things fresh. If I don’t feel the music I’m making, I don’t do it. And if I’m in it, I really feel it — and I’ve been feeling these new tracks.”

Pill that lever and peep “Wild Frontier” below…