Looks Like You: Listen to Pawws heal a broken heart on twee electro-pop tune ‘Turnaround’


London’s Pawws first caught our attention last year in three ways: the first by not being Scottish rock band Paws, the second by not being mega-underrated/under-appreciated ’90s grunge band Paw, and third by the Sugar EP, which features one of our fave tracks of the year in “Give You Love”.

Now, producer/songwriter Lucy Taylor is back with a new Pawws tune, “Turnaround”, and it’s featured on the upcoming Kitsuné compilation, New Faces II. The acclaimed French label drops the full thing February 23, but it’s this delicate, twee-sounding Pawws track that’s got us worked up, even in the current freezing cold of Boston.

Taylor’s musical background includes performing in a competitive children’s orchestra in her teens, and while in her 20s supplying keys on Kele Okereke’s solo work and jamming on flute for MGMT’s live renditions of “Electric Feel.” Here on “Turnaround,” she ready for Pawws’ close-up, blending the sincerity of indie-pop with warm synth-pop glows and post-Valentine’s Day broken-hearted bliss.


“Met a boy he’s pretty cute, takes my mind off all the shit you put me through,” Taylor sings with angel wings for necessary elevation. “Sort of looks a bit like you. Sort of looks like you.”

Listen to “Turnaround” below.