Last Post on the Bible: Pete Doherty’s life-sized crucifixion statue to be unveiled at London church


Pete Doherty has died, Pete Doherty is risen, Pete Doherty will come again.

A life-sized statue of the Libertine vocalist/guitarist being crucified will soon be showing at a London church. The piece, part of an art installation and dubbed “For Pete’s Sake” (there goes our headline) will be erected at St. Marylebone Parish Church, the NME reports.

The sculpture will be unveiled Thursday as part of a private view of Art Below’s Stations of the Cross exhibition. Though it was created back in 2008 by Doherty’s friend Nick Reynolds and life cast specialist Schoony, this is the work’s first public appearance.


It will be displayed until March 17.

Says Rev. Canon Stephen Evans of St. Marylebone Chruch, via DIY Magazine: “Doherty’s battle with addiction and a self-destructive lifestyle have been well catalogued in the press throughout his career; today, having successfully completed rehab treatment in Thailand, Doherty seeks to live a new life free of the things which had nearly destroyed him. I hope that ‘For Pete’s Sake’ might help visitors to the exhibition stop and reflect not only Christ’s Passion and Resurrection and what this means but also to stop and reflect on what in their own lives leads to death or to life.”

The piece will eventually go on sale for £33,000.


A new Libertines album is expected later this year, and the reunited rock band will play Ibiza Rocks 2015 in July with the Courteeners, Clean Bandit, and others.