Phase II: DJ Steve Porter delivers the Beck & Kanye West mash-up you’ve been thinking about

By now you know the deal: Beck wins a Grammy for Album of the Year, Kanye West thinks it should have gone to Beyoncé and goes on a rant, and everyone from your dad to Shirley Manson chimes in on the aftermath. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But you knew deep down there was a song in here somewhere, and now Steve Porter have come along to mash-up some select Yeezy quotes with perhaps Beck’s famous song, ’90s slacker anthem “Loser.”

Something from Morning Phase probably wouldn’t do the trick.

Porter is known to strike at these opportunities, remixing everyone from Tom Brady to Slap Chop to VH-1’s year in review segments (still our all-time favorite work of production). Coincidentally, Porter’s “That Really Happened” mash-up for VH-1 back in 2009 featured Kanye’s infamous “Ima let you finish” rant on Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards.

That’s called coming full-fucking-circle.

Let’s see how well his version of “Loser” holds up over time.