Caught By The Fuss: ‘Britpop was a bit overblown’ says ex-Supergrass bloke Gaz Coombes


This year has been another big one for Britpop anniversaries, as 2015 has been marked the 20th birthday for several notable albums from the likes of Oasis, Pulp, Elastica and Supergrass.

But Supergrass singer/guitarist Gaz Coombes doesn’t see all the fuss, and in a new interview with the Guardian makes the bold claim that the Cool Britannia movement “was only a handful of really decent bands.” Coombes, who didn’t name names beyond that, was talking to the press to hype his second solo record, Matador, out last month via Hot Fruit Records.

So it’s all safe to say that when Supergrass’ I Should Coco turns 20 on May 15, Coombes won’t be picking up the phone to call former bandmates Mick Quinn and Danny Goffey, even though it’s been five years since the trio’s split. Here’s what he said to the UK publication:


We’re in the midst of anniversaries of classic Britpop albums. How do you look back on that movement?

I don’t look back at it. Maybe when I’ve hung up my sideburns then I can wallow in the past glories or something. There were lots of bands around back then, and some of them haven’t dated very well. I think Britpop was a bit overblown; it was only a handful of really decent bands. I guess it also brought guitar music more to the fore.

It will be the 20th anniversary of I Should Coco in May. Are you planning to celebrate?


It’s a great record, and I’m really proud of it. Totally worth celebrating. But there’s not going to be any kind of reunion; I think there needs to be some more water under the bridge. I’ve seen it a few times, this readiness to reunite and do a lucrative tour. But you’ve got to miss a band before they come back.

Listen to one of the better cuts off Matador, moody single “20/20” below…


And here’s a seven-minute video that details Coombes’ making of Matador