Brady’s Bunch: Watch Steven Tyler, Dicky Barrett and others defend the Patriots on Kimmel


After all the shit talking the rest of the country has spewed towards the New England Patriots over the past two weeks, especially from two bitchy rock and roll bassists, it’s good to see a little Masshole solidarity making the rounds a few days before Super Bowl XLIX. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, celebrities like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck stepped up to take the blame for #DeflateGate, claiming they themselves were the ones who deflated Tom Brady’s footballs before the AFC Championship game against the Colts.

Also making cameos in the video was Kimmel comrade Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler.

“It was me,” Tyler says from an indoor practice facility. “I’m the locker room guy.”


Glad that’s settled.

As you are damn well aware, the Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.